Half-Time Pastor, Morton Grove Community Church, Morton Grove, Illinois


 Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • Teaching the Bible with clarity and relevance so that believers will be strengthened in the faith, and individuals who are new to the Christian faith will want to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Collaborating with ministry teams and helping to find fresh ways of worshipping that will allow congregants as well as people in the community to participate in meaningful ways.
  • Leadership in worship services and administering the Sacraments.
  • General pastoral duties including, but not limited to, Counseling and Spiritual Guidance/Support especially during life events such as weddings, hospitalization/home confinement, and funerals.
  • Exemplifying Christ-like character and assisting with conflict resolution.
  • Helping us to reach new people by helping to organize community-based events, and preparing interested attendees for Membership in MGCC.
  • Assist us as we discern the future of Morton Grove Community Church and seek God’s will for our congregation, especially during this period of transition.
A link to the CLC Church Information Form will be available soon.
For more information, please contact Joyce Sienkowski, jsienkowski@yahoo.com, 847.922.2773