Interim Pastor, Community Presbyterian Church, Lombard, Illinois

The interim pastor position in June 2020 is different from previous job descriptions. Due to COVID-19, starting in March 2020, the church has functioned to a large part virtually, completely different from the way it functioned prior to March 2020. The church has enjoyed the benefits of the virtual world and intends to maintain this as a permanent outreach tool to both the congregation and the community. Nevertheless, there is also a desire to re-open our church and preschool program as it becomes safe and consistent with governmental guidelines. It is in the midst of these challenges that we are seeking a F/T interim pastor.

The mission statement of Community Presbyterian Church is Reach People for Christ, Grow People in Christ and Send people with Christ.

Main duties and responsibilities of the interim pastor are:

  • Provide spiritual leadership, pastoral care, and administrative and organizational direction to a congregation of about 200 with a focus of preparing the congregation to call a new full-time minister. We strive to continue outreach in the community and make disciples as we grow in our congregation.
  • Lead Sunday morning worship and other services as necessary. Provide classes leading to and challenging spiritual and developmental growth in the congregation and staff. This responsibility will bridge the transition from virtual to re-opening with direction given by health and governmental officials to maintain safety. CPC has always been known as a friendly, welcoming place; we strive to maintain that part of our identity.
  • Provide direction and supervisory assessment for re-alignment of CPC staff through motivation, guidance, project management, and empowerment.  Current staff consists of Eric Schwarz, Youth and CE Director (30 hours), Melody Mathieu, Administrative Assistant (37.5 hrs), Laurie Crackel, Acting Growing Place (GP) Director (f/t), Debbie Celio, GP Finance Manager (30 hrs), Jean Erickson, Organist, (p/t), Ruth Sweetser, Accompanist, (p/t), Dominic Harris, Director Praise Band, (p/t), Jason Nelson, Choir Director, (now provides music for Sunday services, p/t) and Marcia Adkins, Bell Choir Director, (p/t) .
  • Moderate CPC Session and provide organizational and spiritual guidance to CPC boards, committees and congregation.
  • Provide pastoral care and visitation to church members and visitors. Conduct weddings, funerals, and baptisms in accordance with health and governmental guidelines. Work with deacons and elders to provide congregational care.
  • Give oversight to the Growing Place Management and Board. CPC has a history of providing Christian Education to both youth and adults. The pastor must have a heart for Children’s ministries and provide support and leadership to ensure that this vital ministry continues and grows.
  • Have the necessary social media and technology skills to facilitate the responsibilities listed above.
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