If you have questions about a particular position, please contact the listing entity directly. 
If you have a position you would like to list, send an email to communication@chicagopresbytery.org with the pertinent information.
All postings will be deleted after a term of 6 months.

Director of Children’s Faith Formation – First Presbyterian of Lake Forest, IL

First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest is seeking a full-time Director of Children’s Faith Formation. This individual would work closely with the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff and the CFF Committee to develop, implement and manage the vision and leadership to form the faith of our children (birth through grade 4) and their parents, assisting with worship and pastoral care as requested by the Head of Staff. The position requires high organizational and interpersonal skills as this individual will interact with church committees, the congregation and the wider community. 


This individual will be primarily responsible for developing and implementing faithful programming for children and their parents. This person must offer a strong and positive presence on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, interacting with children, families, and volunteers; and teaching as needed.

Responsibilities would include, but not be limited to:

  • Collaborate with the Faith Formation Team (Associate Pastor, Director of Youth Faith Formation and the Director of First Presbyterian Preschool) to create programs, annual events and worship that is relevant and accessible to families’ lives.
    • Serve as a church liaison to the Preschool Parent Board, inviting families into the life of the church; teach weekly faith building to preschool classes.
  • Work cooperatively with, and as a resource to, the Children’s Faith Formation Committee: ensuring all CFF efforts are structured to bring children into a more faithful relationship with God; inviting people into the work of CFF, equipping them to serve to the best of their ability; selecting and evaluating curriculum; administering to the CFF budget evaluating facility needs; creating programs as needed; equipping the family to serve as primary faith educators.
  • Coordinate faith formation programming for ages Preschool-grade 4 including but not limited to: Sunday morning and Wednesday evening faith formation classes; Vacation Bible School; and special events.
  • Communicate regularly regarding programs and activities of CFF using church website, social media, handouts/postcards and other communication tools.


The Director of Children’s Faith Formation is accountable to the Head of Staff and the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation. It is expected that the Director of Children’s Faith Formation will work collaboratively as a member of the staff team toward an effective and faithful ministry of the church.


  • Be confident in their role in the church and secure in their own faith journey
  • Demonstrated high-level written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills that reflect the ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail
  • Familiarity with Christian education materials and strategies for children and their families
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software, especially in Word and Excel
  • A team player who exhibits integrity, patience, a positive attitude, enthusiastic problem-solving skills and is self-motivated
  • Proven ability to handle confidential information with discretion
  • Capacity to respond to people’s needs from a faith-based perspective
  • Appreciation for the traditions of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff communities

 First Presbyterian Church offers a competitive salary and full benefits package.

First Presbyterian Church is seeking to fill this integral staff position immediately. Please send your cover letter and resume to be considered: Jan McNicholas, Director of Business Operations, First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, 700 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, IL  60045  jobs@firstchurchlf.org


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Nursery Coordinator, First Presbyterian Church, Evanston, Illinois

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Part-time, hourly

REPORTING TO: Minister of Children and Youth


The Nursery Coordinator shall ensure that the nursery is safe, clean, warm and welcoming to parents and children who use it on Sunday mornings and during other events and activities. The Nursery Coordinator will lovingly care for the babies and toddlers in the nursery primarily on Sunday mornings and other times as needed. The Nursery Coordinator will work in a team with the other Nursery Coordinators and supervise the volunteer nursery assistants. The role of welcome is essential in that the nursery is sometimes the first point of contact for newcomers in the church.


  • Arrive in a timely fashion. 30 minutes prior to event/activity for which childcare is being provided. (Sunday mornings arrive at 9:00, this may be adjusted due to change in worship hour.)
  • Make sure the nursery is clean; tables and toys are wiped down and disinfected. Communicate with
  • Building Staff and Minister for Children and Youth any larger cleaning needs.
  • Greet parents and children beginning at 9:15.
  • Ensure all children are signed in with emergency contact information.
  • Make sure that the nursery is well-stocked with approved snacks, supplies and toys. Communicate needs to Minister for Children and Youth.
  • Provide a loving, safe and caring environment when the children are in care. Play with and read to children.
  • Communicate with parents about each child’s experience in the nursery.
  • Provide appropriate and safe care for children including changing diapers, escorting to the bathroom, cleaning hands, face, and nose.
  • Follow First Presbyterian Church of Evanston Child Protection Policy.
  • Collaborate with and supervise adult volunteer assistants.
  • Contact the Minister of Children and Youth with any incident reports.
  • Clean nursery and put away toys before leaving for the day.
  • Aware of and able to implement emergency safety procedures.


          $15/hour, this is an hourly job with no benefits.


  • Experience working with babies and toddlers.
  • Warm and friendly manner.
  • Pass a background check and good references.
  • Must be available on Sunday mornings 8:30 – 12:30, additional hours are an option on Thursday mornings and other occasional days.


  • Able to move freely about building.
  • Able to sit with the kids on the floor.
  • Able to lift at least 30 pounds.


  • CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Children’s Ministry overview and introduction.
  • Safety procedures and protocols.

Interested candidates can submit their resume with at least three references to jdobschuetz@firstpresevanston.org.

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Praise Worship Music Director, Yorkfield Presbyterian Church, Elmhurst, IL


The PWMD is responsible for coordinating the overall music ministry of the Church’s Praise Worship service and for rehearsing and directing Messenger, the congregation’s volunteer praise band. Messenger leads the congregation in singing for the 11:15 am worship service during nine months of the year (from the Sunday following Labor Day through the Sunday in June), and at 10:00 am every other week (approximately) during the summer months.


  1. Selecting appropriate music of the weekly Praise Worship Service in conjunction with the preacher for that Sunday
  2. Distributing music and providing links as necessary for musicians as needed
  3. Scheduling musicians for rehearsals and services, with an openness to developing musicians within the congregation
  4. Directing weekly rehearsals of the Band
  5. Assisting in set-up and take-down of equipment as needed
  6. Providing for the leadership of the congregation in singing during praise worship, if not serving as the song leader
  7. Assuring that projected song lyrics have been created and are accurate, and scheduling appropriate volunteers to run the A/V equipment and sound system as needed.


The PWMD position is considered a twelve-month part-time position. The average time commitment is 6-8 hours per week. The PWMD may exercise flexibility in the use of their hours, but ordinarily, the following will be normal components:

  1. Sunday morning band warm-up and worship music leadership when the band is playing, with one week off per month.
  2. Weekly attendance at Band rehearsals, with one week off per month.
  3. Attendance at Worship Commission meetings at least twice per year.
  4. Brief monthly coordination meetings with the Pastor.


The PWMD is an employee of the Church, hired by the Session and accountable on a week to- week basis to the Pastor. The PWMD will also work in a collegial relationship with other music staff, the Worship Commission, and the pastor in the planning & coordinating of music for worship.

 Required Skills and Experience

  1. A personal and committed relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. The PWMD should have prior experience participating in a multi-piece, rock-inspired band, preferably in a leadership role in a church setting.
  3. Ability to read music.
  4. Familiarity with sound reinforcement concepts and technology (sound board, microphones, etc.)
  5. Able to communicate and interact with people in a variety of settings: one-on-one, small group, etc.

 Evaluation & Review

The PWMD’s ministry will be evaluated by the Pastor and representatives of the Administration & Personnel and Worship Commissions at the end of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and then annually thereafter.


  1. The Messenger praise band, currently an 8-person, all-volunteer group
  2. The Church Office secretarial staff, photocopy, mailing, and computer services are available to the PWMD.
  3. The Church currently has a fairly extensive library of printed praise/worship music, and an annual subscription to the Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) website.
  4. There is an annual budget for new music and equipment, approved annually by the Session.

Salary & Benefits

  1. Continuing education dollars are available on an as requested and approved basis
  2. Two weeks of vacation
  3. This is a salaried position.


Submitted by email to Head of Staff, Lauren Cochran, at laurenc@eypc.org. Find out more about our church community at www.eypc.org, and references for our church are available by request.

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Director of Children’s Education, Yorkfield Presbyterian Church, Elmhurst, IL


The Director of Children’s Education (DCE) has the primary staff responsibility for oversight and management of the children and youth Christian Education programs at Yorkfield Presbyterian Church. The Christian Education program includes congregation members from 3-year-olds through high school, including Sunday School, the mid-week after-school program for grades 1-8, and Vacation Bible School.


  1. The DCE will work closely with the Christian Education Commission (CE) to recruit and manage volunteers to provide meaningful Christian Education for the congregation’s children and youth.
  2. They will recruit and train all volunteers who work with children and youth.
  3. They will evaluate and select age and content-appropriate curriculum for the Sunday School, mid-week programs, and Confirmation classes, in consultation with teachers, the Pastor, and CE.
  4. The DCE is responsible for the development of the yearly budget for Education and has day-to-day oversight of all Education-related budget items in consultation with CE.
  5. They are responsible for coordinating and participating in the grade 1-8 mid-week program.
  6. They will organize and direct Vacation Bible School.
  7. They will oversee the Safe Practices Committee and see that all are properly trained, and members are informed of a policy in place.
  8. They will meet regularly for staff meetings to plan and coordinate programming.
  9. They will participate in ongoing continuing education events.
  10. They will be the point of contact for new families visiting the church and work to build the family into church membership.
  11. Other duties or responsibilities assigned by Pastor.


YPC is open to negotiating this position at either an average of 20 hours a week or 30 hours a week (with appropriate scale in pay). During the program year (especially when the mid-week program is in session) there will be weeks when the hours will be higher, and other times (Summer, except for the week of VBS) when the hours are less. The DCE may exercise flexibility in the use of their hours, but the following will be normal components:

  1. Weekly attendance at Sunday School (September-May) & the Wednesday after-school (3:30-7:30 pm) program (September-March)
  2. Vacation Bible School (most often in July)
  3. Training/planning meetings with teachers prior to the start of each program
  4. Monthly attendance at Christian Education meetings
  5. Weekly attendance at Staff Meetings, or with Pastor


  1. The DCE is an employee of the Church, hired by the Session and accountable to the Pastor.
  2. The DCE will provide brief written monthly reports to Session.

Required Skills and Experience

  1. The DCE may be a layperson or ordained clergy.
  2. Display strong organizational and communication skills to coordinate volunteers, staff, and families.
  3. Be creative and seek ways to continue offering exciting programs.
  4. Demonstrate enthusiasm, skill, and a passion for working with children in a church setting.
  5. Demonstrate an ability to understand and implement Christian & Reformed curriculum.
  6. Have an ability to interpret and integrate religious education into the ministry of the church.
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in computer programs, including Google docs, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.


  1. The DCE will need to have regularly scheduled office hours and be present on Sundays from Labor Day to Memorial Day.
  2. They must have a flexible schedule to accommodate the program schedule.

Evaluation & Review

  1. The DCE’s ministry will be evaluated by the Pastor and representatives of the Administration & Personnel Commission at the end of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and then annually thereafter.


The Office Administration staff, photocopy, and computer services are available to the DCE.  The DCE will work closely with the Office Manager to make certain that all printed materials for distribution and mailing are submitted to the staff in a timely fashion.

Salary & Benefits

  1. Continuing education dollars are available on an as requested and approved basis
  2. Two weeks of vacation
  3. This is a salaried position.


Submitted by email to Head of Staff, Lauren Cochran, at laurenc@eypc.org Find out more about our church community at www.eypc.org, and references for our church are available by request.

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Music Director, Faith United Presbyterian Church, Tinley Park

Faith United Presbyterian Church delights in sharing spiritual gifts of hospitality, outreach, and empathy. Our calling is to provide an inclusive ministry for everyone who joins in our fellowship, study, or worship. 

Our faith family represents a wide variety of political and theological views. In an era of divisiveness, we believe that empathy is critically important to understanding each other and allowing us to focus on the tie that binds us. We strive to give self-sacrificing love in all that we do. So despite some differences, we remain Faith United.

Faith United is currently seeking a passionate Music Director to collaborate with Pastoral Leadership to create a musical vision of worship to be shared with the congregation through the practiced choir. The Music Director will report to Pastor, as head of staff, Worship Ministry team with Session’s approval. This is a part-time position requiring approximately 10 – 12 hours per week, including Sunday and holiday worship and two rehearsals per week, Sunday morning before the 10:30 a.m. service and a mid-week day TBD.

The annual salary for this position is $12,480 which includes 2 weeks’ worth of non-accumulative PTO per calendar year after the first 6-month review is completed.

What you will be doing:

  • Collaborate with Pastoral Leadership concerning upcoming worship messages to determine musical pieces that strengthen the message of the sermon.
  • Foster creativity in the music selections. Introduce new musical styles to grow the congregation’s musicality and range of genres (e.g. contemporary Christian music, traditional hymns, inter-cultural music, etc.)   
  • Create and foster a collaborative team culture with the Accompanist /Organist.
  • Provide guidance and growth, scheduling, and collaborative leadership to the multi-generational Choir. Recruit and coach church members and other musicians from the surrounding community for music contributions to improve variety.
  • Coordinate music department needs and worship visuals with the Tech team.
  • Oversee and schedule music resource maintenance, including directing instrument maintenance and tuning.
  • Manage the music ministry budget.
  • Oversee copyright compliance related to music, recording, and posting.
  • Attend Music Planning staff meetings and Worship Ministry Team meetings. Special evening/weekend meetings may be scheduled and attendance may be required.
  • In the event of church services only being available remotely/virtually, this position continues to function. Responsibilities include coordinating weekly pre-recorded music/videos and insertion of lyrics into videos for musical selections.
  • When returning to in-person, hymns and vocal selections may continue in pre-recorded format until in-person singing and playing instruments are deemed safe. Work with Church Leadership and remain informed of CDC guidelines.
  • Assume such other duties related to the position as may be assigned by the pastor.
  • Organize and maintain a music library for the church.
  • Arrange for a substitute when using PTO or scheduling conflicts or assist in providing alternates when in need. Communicate directly with the pastor in emergency situations.

Preferred Skill Set:

  • Bachelors degree and/or commensurate experience in music education or music performance.
  • Strong musical skills including aural discernment and keyboard skills.
  • Solid, expressive, enthusiastic, and clear conducting and directing techniques.
  • Experience with and knowledge of hymns and contemporary Christian music for appropriate musical selections.
  • Ability to actively engage the congregation during worship through music.
  • Good rehearsal organizational and planning skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communications.
  • Ability to give and receive criticism.
  • Skilled in arranging and sequencing music, preparing and transcribing instrumental and vocal arrangements. New compositions are welcomed.
  • Experience with sound equipment, recording, video editing, etc.
  • Ability to manage and motivate volunteers.
To apply, send a resume and cover letter by email to Adam Malak at pastoradam@faithunitedpres.org

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Modern Worship Leader, First Presbyterian Church, Glen Ellyn, IL

The Modern Worship Leader brings passion, leadership, and a drive for excellence to the Modern worship experience of First Pres. In close collaboration with the Director of Worship Ministries, s/he leads and develops the worship band, collaborating with a variety of instrumental musicians and singers. S/he exudes spiritual and emotional maturity when working with others. S/he collaborates with other staff members in music selection to create theologically deep and musically captivating worship services.
• Minimum 2 years’ experience leading congregational worship
• Highly skilled in singing and playing a core band instrument (such as guitar or piano)
• Proficient in arranging music, and transposing chord charts
• Skilled at leading band rehearsals for musicians with novice to professional skill levels
• Versatile in playing a variety of music genres; ability to improvise by ear preferred
Characteristics of an outstanding Worship Leader
• Exemplifies a deep personal faith in Jesus Christ through word and conduct
• Embodies an empathic and patient spirit in working with others
• Highly organized and able to plan far in advance
• Adaptable to last-minute changes and ability to pivot on short notice
• A team player, focused on growing the membership and quality of the band
Time commitment: approximately 10 hours per week with seasonal variance
Compensation: $18 per hour
To apply, contact Andrew Sedlacek, Director of Worship Ministries, at asedlacek@firstpresge.org and provide a resume and 2-3 relevant references. If able, also provide video examples of singing/playing.

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Stated Supply Pastor, Oak Lawn Community Church, Oak Lawn, IL

Oak Lawn Community Church is seeking a pastor to lead its congregation. This person must be an ordained PC(USA) Minister of Word and Sacrament or ordained as a pastor in a denomination in full communion with the PC(USA).  This will be a half-time position on an annual contract. The contract will be renewable on an annual basis.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide spiritual and administrative leadership for the congregation
  • Lead worship on Sundays and liturgical holidays
  • Administer the sacraments
  • Officiate at weddings and funerals
  • Provide pastoral care for the congregation and for all who seek comfort and guidance through the church
  • Work with the office staff to prepare Sunday bulletin and announcements
  • Engage in community outreach as time permits
  • Serve as moderator of the session and congregational meetings by Presbytery appointment
  • Serve as head of staff
  • Work with the Treasurer and Session to oversee the financial affairs of the church
  • Assist boards and committees in their ministry and offer training as needed 
  • Train newly elected officers and assist in preparing persons for membership
  • Work with Session to provide educational opportunities for the congregation
  • Attend Presbytery assembly meetings and participate in the life of the Presbytery of Chicago
  • Report regularly to Session on Presbytery matters and actions
  • Promote Presbytery program opportunities

Terms of Call

Term                     .50 FTE / 20 hours per week (on average)

Salary/Housing     $29,000

Benefits                 Full coverage under the Board of Pensions

Expenses               Per POC guidelines

Duration               One year, renewable


Kelly Villegas, Clerk of Session
Church Phone: (708) 599-4025    

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Faith Formation Coordinator, First Presbyterian Church, Libertyville, IL

The primary goal of our faith formation at First Presbyterian, Libertyville is to create lifelong Christian disciples. That means providing faith formation for children that grows with them, rather than offering them a faith they will outgrow. Recent research has shown that the best seeds for a lifelong faith come from doing faith formation together across generations. First Pres is committed to making our faith formation more intentionally intergenerational, and the Faith Formation Coordinator (FFC) will be one of the chief architects and leaders of this new and innovative ministry.
The FFC plays a key leadership role in developing and implementing faith formation ministry designed to bring together children, youth, and adults across generations in our church. But the FFC won’t do it alone. We are a highly collaborative team, and the FFC will partner with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation, the Intergen Vision Team, and other Faith Formation teams and volunteers to fulfill our vision for faith formation ministry by:
  • Creating an innovative and engaging Sunday morning faith formation experience for our community:
    • Customizing curriculum for a weekly intergenerational Sunday morning faith formation experience;
    • Helping design and lead a weekly worship experience for children (Kindergarten through 3rd grade);
    • Implementing a play-based curriculum for our 2-4 years olds;
    • Creating safe, vibrant, and welcoming spaces for all of our faith formation;
  • Playing a lead or support role in organizing other intergenerational faith formation events (e.g. Bible Sunday, Advent Workshop);
  • Implementing intergenerational summer faith formation experiences;
  • Curating and customizing digital resources for family faith formation at home;
  • Participating in the Intergen Vision Team meetings and other faith formation leadership meetings, as appropriate;
The FFC will also collaborate with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation, the Intergen Vision Team, the Faith Formation Committee, and our administrative staff to:
  • Recruit and train volunteers for faith formation experiences, and ensure training and compliance with our Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Protection policy;
  • Coordinate registration, attendance records, forms, and communications for our family and intergenerational ministry;
  • Via email, text, church website, and social media, create and coordinate communication for volunteers, parents, faith formation teams, the Church family, and our wider community about our faith formation opportunities.
  • Maintain essential supplies in classrooms and coordinate the purchase, preparation and distribution of materials needed for all Faith Formation events;
  • As part of a lifelong learning community, take advantage of continuing educational opportunities to deepen your own theoretical, theological, and technological skills and understanding;
  • Take on other responsibilities as determined in conversation with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation and/or the Head of Staff.
The Faith Formation Coordinator will have many demands on their time. The FFC will be encouraged to find a balance between the many calls on their time and the need to renew, deepen and continuously develop their own spiritual and personal life.
The FFC reports directly to the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation. The FFC should have a degree/certificate in a field of education and/or commensurate professional experience in the area. Though the FFC doesn’t need to be Presbyterian, they should be a committed Christian who is excited about growing a new and vital ministry at First Presbyterian
As a member of the staff of the church, the FFC is expected to:
  • Pray regularly for the staff, the congregation and the Church;
  • Be a friend and colleague to all members of the First Presbyterian team; Model the values and practices of our staff covenant;
  • Give and receive constructive feedback from colleagues and church leaders.
The Faith Formation Coordinator is a part-time position, currently 25 hours/week and requires on-site ministry on Sunday mornings (generally 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.) and at other faith formation events.
Interested candidates should send their resume to Firstpreslibstaffopenings@gmail.com

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Full-time Director of Christian Education, First Presbyterian Church, La Grange

First Presbyterian Churchof La Grange, located in the near west suburbs of Chicago, is receiving applications for a full-time Director of Christian Education to coordinate learning programs for an intergenerational congregation of the Presbytery of Chicago, PC(USA). Interested candidates should email resumes to the pastor, Rev. Jonathan Krogh, at Jkrogh@fpclg.org. Additional information regarding the programs and ministry of FPCLG may be found on our website, www.FPCLG.org.
The Job Description may be found here

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Contemporary Worship Music Director, Park Ridge Presbyterian Church

Park Ridge Presbyterian Church (PRPC) is a multi-generational and growing congregation with 275+ members located in Park Ridge, Illinois (northwest suburb of Chicago) with a calling to “Engage and Inspire All People to Share God’s Love, Grow in Faith, and Serve as Disciples.” As part of that calling, PRPC is committed to supporting people of all ages in the journey of faith so that they may share God’s love, grow in faith, serve as a disciple, and help others do the same.
Job Summary:
The Contemporary Worship Director will work with the Associate Pastor to plan, coordinate and oversee the implementation of a new worship style for PRPC.
Essential Functions:
  • Provide contemporary worship music leadership for the online service

  • Provide special music for in-person services

  • Collaborate with the Worship Committee for Special Services

  • Train and oversee any additional contemporary worship musicians

Responsibilities Include:
  • Selecting songs for online worship service in coordination with Associate Pastor

  • Supporting the launch and directing the new band, including leading the group through all songs during worship recording, conducting rehearsals, and coordinating musicians and singers for each week. Recruiting new musicians and singers into the band as needed.

  • Assisting in the set-up and tear-down of sound equipment before and after rehearsals, recording sessions, and in-person worship services.

  • Preparing sheet music/chord charts in advance of rehearsals, keeping music organized, and continually seeking out new songs for the service

  • Arranging for a qualified alternative leader when away

  • Leading the band to provide special music for in person worship or other gatherings


Core Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong vocal performer

  • Ability to play piano or guitar strongly preferred but not required.

  • Skilled in organization, administration and interpersonal relationships

  • Ability to work in a team-oriented environment and integrate feedback from multiple people/groups

  • Comfortable working in a Presbyterian Church USA congregation


Terms of Employment:

  • The contemporary worship director is a contract position for PRPC.

  • Up to 10 Hours a week – hours can be flexible week to week

  • Compensation – starting hourly rate is $20 an hour

    o This is an hourly position
    o Additional hours may be available if approved by the senior pastor/head ofstaff

  • The contemporary worship director reports to the associate pastor. Employment contingent upon completion of a background check

  • Other terms of employment are outlined in the Park Ridge Presbyterian Church Employment Manual and Policies

Application Information

Please send a cover letter and resume to Rev. Josh Erickson, Senior Pastor/Head of Staff, at josh@parkridgepresby.org to apply for this position. Please contact Rev. Erickson directly with any questions about the position.


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