Video Overview

You can watch a video overview of the work of the Mission Committee by going to the presbytery’s YouTube Channel.

Mission Funds 

The Presbytery of Chicago is eager to fund great ideas and programs in churches throughout the Presbytery, with a particular emphasis given to helping churches who might not be able to fund these ideas and programs on their own. This funding is available because of the witness and generosity of many faithful Presbyterians who came before us and we are deeply grateful for their contributions to the ongoing ministry of this Presbytery.
Funding currently exists for a wide variety of ministries, some based on the restrictions and parameters created by donors, while others reflect the creativity and openness of 21st century ministry. We hope that these categories will spark your imaginations, rather than limit them.

  • Funding for one-time events, outreach initiatives, or educational workshops
  • One to three year mission opportunities, moving gradually towards being self-funded
  • Support for ongoing mission opportunities that are generating positive results
  • Charitable and religious works
  • Peacemaking
  • Camping and retreat opportunities
  • Campus Ministry
  • Music ministry
Applications for the available funds are being received by the Mission Team. Please note that these applications must be submitted by a church’s Session, not by individuals. The presbytery seeks to partner with congregations in this work.
Instructions are included with the form. Be sure to download the form, fill it out, save it with a new name, and return it to the presbytery as instructed.

2023 Salary Supplement Program

As part of the Mission Committee’s work, the Salary Supplement program is also a Presbytery-funded grant, and is available to all qualified congregations by separate application, a link to which is included here (Please double click the Microsoft Word Icon twice to access):!AuEuLPeCxRWlgTXzQq50d71HuehB  

And a link to a Spanish language application is here (Please double click the Microsoft Word Icon twice to access):!AuEuLPeCxRWlgTnf19Av1UlzitEr

This program is designed for churches with a full-time pastor who are at a point in the life of their congregation where a detailed, systematic examination of their present; and a focused look toward their future is desired by pastor and session. The founding rationale of the program notes that the best way to redevelop a congregation is to be sure that they have inspired, trained and focused leadership and
that pastor and session are, indeed, working in tandem with each other.  Recognizing, too, that a pastor and congregation constantly worrying about money have less focus on God’s call to them to live into the future, this grant does include both programming and funding.
The opportunity for supplemental funding, along with a 3-year commitment (of both congregation and Presbytery) to organizational guidance, is provided by the Presbytery of Chicago with funding from its 21st
Century Fund to support churches who qualify, again, according to the guidelines as noted on the application and subject to Mission Committee approval.
Applications are accepted annually, by May 1 each year.

Small Church Program

Another program available to Presbytery of Chicago churches is the Small Church Program.  An application for this program can be found here (Please double click the Microsoft Word Icon twice to access): Small Church Program Application
As the application notes, this opportunity for small churches (without full-time pastors) has been designed with the understanding that every congregation reaches a point in their life together when it would be helpful to examine all of the components of who they are, how they “do what they do”, and take a considered view of what the future might hold for their church family.
This program does not include funding, but does provide critical assessment, leadership training and congregational discernment programming free of charge to the congregation; again, funded through the Presbytery of Chicago’s 21st Century Fund.
Applications are accepted annually, by May 1 of each year, and are subject to Mission Committee approval for this one-year program.