Praise Worship Music Director, Yorkfield Presbyterian Church, Elmhurst, IL


The PWMD is responsible for coordinating the overall music ministry of the Church’s Praise Worship service and for rehearsing and directing Messenger, the congregation’s volunteer praise band. Messenger leads the congregation in singing for the 11:15 am worship service during nine months of the year (from the Sunday following Labor Day through the Sunday in June), and at 10:00 am every other week (approximately) during the summer months.


  1. Selecting appropriate music of the weekly Praise Worship Service in conjunction with the preacher for that Sunday
  2. Distributing music and providing links as necessary for musicians as needed
  3. Scheduling musicians for rehearsals and services, with an openness to developing musicians within the congregation
  4. Directing weekly rehearsals of the Band
  5. Assisting in set-up and take-down of equipment as needed
  6. Providing for the leadership of the congregation in singing during praise worship, if not serving as the song leader
  7. Assuring that projected song lyrics have been created and are accurate, and scheduling appropriate volunteers to run the A/V equipment and sound system as needed.


The PWMD position is considered a twelve-month part-time position. The average time commitment is 6-8 hours per week. The PWMD may exercise flexibility in the use of their hours, but ordinarily, the following will be normal components:

  1. Sunday morning band warm-up and worship music leadership when the band is playing, with one week off per month.
  2. Weekly attendance at Band rehearsals, with one week off per month.
  3. Attendance at Worship Commission meetings at least twice per year.
  4. Brief monthly coordination meetings with the Pastor.


The PWMD is an employee of the Church, hired by the Session and accountable on a week to- week basis to the Pastor. The PWMD will also work in a collegial relationship with other music staff, the Worship Commission, and the pastor in the planning & coordinating of music for worship.

 Required Skills and Experience

  1. A personal and committed relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. The PWMD should have prior experience participating in a multi-piece, rock-inspired band, preferably in a leadership role in a church setting.
  3. Ability to read music.
  4. Familiarity with sound reinforcement concepts and technology (sound board, microphones, etc.)
  5. Able to communicate and interact with people in a variety of settings: one-on-one, small group, etc.

 Evaluation & Review

The PWMD’s ministry will be evaluated by the Pastor and representatives of the Administration & Personnel and Worship Commissions at the end of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and then annually thereafter.


  1. The Messenger praise band, currently an 8-person, all-volunteer group
  2. The Church Office secretarial staff, photocopy, mailing, and computer services are available to the PWMD.
  3. The Church currently has a fairly extensive library of printed praise/worship music, and an annual subscription to the Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) website.
  4. There is an annual budget for new music and equipment, approved annually by the Session.

Salary & Benefits

  1. Continuing education dollars are available on an as requested and approved basis
  2. Two weeks of vacation
  3. This is a salaried position.


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