Social Media Coordinator – Presbyterian Church of Palatine, Illinois

I.  Position Summary
The Social Media Coordinator will create and monitor all aspects of social media for Presbyterian Church of Palatine (PCOP). This person will work closely with the Church Staff to produce relevant, engaging, timely social media content on all PCOP platforms. The Social Media Coordinator will report to the Pastor, Head of Staff. This position is a maximum of 10 hours per week.
II.  Duties and Responsibilities
To create, manage, and monitor all aspects of PCOP’s social media presence and content.
  • Aligning projects with the main PCOP content calendar
  • Managing all PCOP social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Working on all PCOP print media platforms
  • Maintaining the PCOP website and PCOP sign
  • Working on other media assigned such as the Village of Palatine sign
  • Be available to monitor content on all media channels regularly
III. Required Qualifications and Skills
  • Competent and familiar with social media applications and technologies
  • Flexibility to plan and work on multiple projects simultaneously; effectively manage time and prioritize workload
  • Attention to detail and accuracy, even on time-sensitive projects
  • Customer service-related experience
  • High School Diploma or equivalent, or comparable professional experience. Higher education and training are desirable.
IV.  Other Attributes
  • An ability to staff and attend night meetings and be present Sunday mornings for both the Christian Formation/Education programs and worship is needed. Other events may need the ability to be available for daytime meetings or events.
  • Communication Skills: An openness to appropriate guidance is required as well as the ability to communicate well in both verbal and written forms.
  • Office Machine Skills: An ability to operate & utilize a personal computer and office equipment (e.g. Copier) as needed.
To apply: Send your resume to Presbyterian Church of Palatine, 800 E. Palatine Road, Palatine, IL 60074 or email it to