Worship Arts Director, Knox Presbyterian Church, Naperville, Illinois

The Worship Arts Director at Knox Presbyterian Church is responsible for the worship music ministry traditional and contemporary. In consultation with the senior pastor and team members, the Worship Arts Director develops and implements this ministry in a way that is consistent with the mission, values, and theology of the Knox Church community. The Worship Arts Director is responsible for the direct supervision of all music arts staff.


  •  Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Dependable, responsible, self-motivated and creative
  • Able to recruit, coordinate, motivate and/supervise musicians, church ensemble musical directors and technical team
  • Integrate and cultivate strong relationships with volunteers and pursues additional musicians and vocalists to serve in leadership positions
  • Able to work closely with senior pastor and participate as a strong team member with the staff and congregation
  • Serve as a resource consultant for church concerns regarding music. Help to educate staff and congregation in understanding the role of music in
  • Comfortable in outward communication, verbal and written, in cultivating and maintaining good relationships with staff and
  • Knowledge of Google programs and music software
  • Able to organize and prioritize tasks and
  • Bachelor’s degree in Music with an emphasis on church music
  • Minimum of five years of music experience in a music church-related setting

Musical Competencies: 

  • Knowledge and experience with a wide range of Christian music genres/styles, including traditional Christian hymns, choral anthems as well as contemporary music
  • Able to lead worship music for all worship services, contemporary and/or traditional service
  • Able to provide spiritual leadership to the congregation and to the musical team; lead in prayer, guide discussion and offer spiritual insight to musical selections.
  • Able to produce and direct special musical events and programs

Key Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Participate in the planning of all service(s) with the senior and/or preaching pastor
  • In consultation with senior and/or preaching pastor, select music for worship services (traditional service and/or contemporary service)
  • Assist Personnel Committee in the selection for Assistant Director of Worship Arts
  • Supervise Assistant Director of Worship Arts
  • In consultation with senior and/or preaching pastor, plan and execute special seasonal worship services such as Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Advent, and Christmas
  • Recruit and engage solo instrumentalists, instrumental ensembles, and orchestras for worship and other events
  • Supervise current media technology personnel and recruit new personnel as
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and monthly (evening) Worship Council meetings as staff
  • Maintain regular office hours
  • Assist Worship Council Elders in creating and managing the annual church budget
  • Serve as Music Librarian for the church
  • Participate in the life and ministry of Knox Church
  • Direct or recruit volunteers for children’s music leadership opportunities. To include
    • pre-school (participate in worship occasionally)
    • K-2nd grade (participate in worship 2-3 times per season)
    • 3-5th grade (participate in worship 2-3 times per season)
    • 6-8 grade (participate in worship occasionally)
    • 9-12 grade (participate in worship occasionally)
  • Emphasis on traditional or contemporary music depending on the candidate competencies
  • Provide guidance and support to Saturday night worship leader
  • Supervise and coordinate music with the organist

Traditional Focus / Emphasis 

  • Lead and direct the traditional adult choir
    • Communicate with choir members regarding rehearsals
    • Select weekly choral anthems and responses, choral introits, and benedictions where appropriate
    • Lead weekly adult choir evening and Sunday morning rehearsals
    • Recruit and engage solo instrumentalists, instrumental ensembles, and orchestras for worship and other special events
  • Direct or recruit volunteers for 3-octave handbell choir which offer musical offerings 6-8 times per year

Contemporary Focus / Emphasis

  • Able to lead the congregation in praise and worship
  • Recruit and supervise music teams (vocalists and instrumentalists) for the contemporary services
  • Lead and direct the Sunday Contemporary Worship Team
    • Communicate with worship team regarding rehearsals
    • Provide music and recordings to worship team members
    • Lead weekly worship team evening and Sunday morning rehearsals
    • Recruit instrumentalists/vocalists for the contemporary worship/praise team
Compensation: Salary and benefits; professional expense allowance; educational expense allowance; paid vacation and holidays.
To apply: Send your resume to knoxchurch@knoxpres.org