Youth Leader – Ravenswood Presbyterian Church, Chicago

Purpose: To conduct a program of Christian ministry for a small group of young people, providing leadership, support, instruction and advice.

Accountability: To Pastor as Head of Staff.

Modality: Work in close consultation with Advisory Team.

Devote 8 hours per week to this ministry.
Provide leadership in the development of a youth program.
Convene, organize and supervise regular weekly meetings and activities.
Create an atmosphere of joyful, genuine devotion and love for the Lord.
Create an atmosphere of trusting fellowship among participating youth.
Provide opportunities to build up faith.
Offer a systematic plan of biblical instruction.
Provide opportunities for song, music, poetry or drama.
Be available for advice and guidance as needed.
Encourage and plan special events and community service.
Encourage support of church needs and activities.
Networking with other youth ministries in sister churches.
Involve youth parents in the group activities for support.
Contact and invite guest speakers when convenient.
Meet with Advisory Team for planning, organizing and evaluating.
Submit bimonthly report to Session through pastor.
(Teach a Sunday School class for youth).
Solid faith and profound, genuine love for and commitment to Jesus Christ.
A heart for ministry with and to youth with experience in the field.
Evidence of mature character and exemplary morality.
Evidence of faithful commitment to church life.
Solid knowledge of Bible and theology.
Great youthful energy and friendliness.
Musical skills preferable.
Bilingual (English-Spanish) preferable.
To apply: Email resume to or apply via Facebook @ravenswoodpresbyterianchurch