Youth Ministry Intern, First Presbyterian Church, Evanston, Illinois


The Youth Ministry Intern helps the First Presbyterian Church of Evanston Youth Ministry by building relationships with the youth, serving as a resource and support person for the youth, and infusing each program with energy, creativity, and enthusiasm.


  • The Youth Ministry Intern’s energy will be focused on getting to know the youth and their families, communicating with the Minister for Children any pastoral concerns.
  • The Youth Ministry Intern will participate in weekly youth group and Sunday school and work to become increasingly effective in communicating the essentials of the Christian faith to youth.
  • The Youth Ministry Intern will work with the Minister for Children and Youth and volunteers to plan, implement and lead engaging, weekly programs that are inviting to church youth and serve to build community.
  • The Youth Ministry Intern will encourage students regularly to become involved in an FPCE group that focuses on spiritual formation, such as Sunday school and youth group.
  • The Youth Ministry Intern will serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth, through small group settings and in everyday conversations with youth.
  • The Youth Ministry Intern will participate in planning and leading large group events that engage not only the participating students but also the teens of the church who do not currently participate.
  • The Youth Intern will meet with the Minister for Children and Youth for weekly planning, devotional, and vocational discernment meetings.

Team Composition (number): 1 Youth Ministry Intern

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours per week  (Sundays.) 10-month internship (Late August-May, possibly renewable.) $5,000 stipend.

Special Gifts and Talents Preferred:

  • A vibrant and mature Christian faith.
  • A goal-oriented individual who is mature, organized, and a self-starter.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willingness to be creative and problem solve.
  • A minimum of one year in college.
  • Experience working with youth.

Resources and Training Required: The Minister for Children and Youth will provide coaching and support. The Youth Ministry Intern must take Red Cross First Aid/CPR training. (Paid for by the Youth Ministry.)

Please submit resume with at least three references and a 500 word narrative of faith to